Summer Wedding Clothing – Endless Possibilities

He has popped the question and you said, “Yes!” Now, you are on a mission and are considering a beautiful summer wedding. Something to keep in mind while pondering such a thought is apparel for your wedding party. During the summer temperatures are most likely going to be warm if not sizzling hot for your special day and you want your friends to be as comfortable as possible. And it is possible to be stylish, cool, and comfortable for a wedding in the summer, you just have to do some looking around!

First things first, are you wanting casual or formal? Once you make this decision you can move forward. Casual summer attire is simple; you can stick to khakis and light-weight fabrics for the guys. If you are thinking super casual you can even go as far as shorts and polo shirts, paired with a great pair of loafers you have a great classy, summer look! For your bridesmaids you can do anything from sun dresses to above-the-knee formal dresses. Both have the ability to look elegant, fun and pretty. For a more formal look you can stick with the shorter formal dresses for the gals and add elegant jewelry like pearls and sleek heels instead of flats or sandals. A formal look for the groom’s men may include tuxedos without jackets or even chinos with a shirt and tie.

Another thing to think about when considering your summer wedding clothing is your wedding colors. If you are set on summer wedding it will have a hard time finding dark colors and no problem at all finding bright and light colors. Brides have a tendency to look only at the specialized wedding clothing shops which usually cater to formality. If you want more summery wedding clothing, do not overlook department stores and others clothing stores which you shop at on a regular basis! You will be surprised what you find!

The most important thing is to dress your wedding party how you want to! Just keep in mind all the possibilities when it comes to your search for summer wedding clothing!

Sherry loves summer weddings. She loves thinking about all of the things that make a summer wedding special form the clothing to the music for summer weddings.