Made to Measure – Your Pakistani Wedding Clothes

For the most important day of your life, you want to invest in the most beautiful clothing. Whether your wedding is traditional or more fusion – a blend of East and West traditions – you want to ensure that you look your very best. That’s why made to measure Pakistani wedding clothes are well worth the investment.

There’s nothing quite like putting on an outfit that’s been designed to your exact needs and fits you perfectly. You might get something fantastic off-the-peg in your favourite store, but for your wedding, made-to-measure clothing is the perfect option. By choosing a company that offers this type of Pakistani wedding clothes service, you can access:

Great materials – you can access a wide range of beautiful materials that can be used on their own or together to create an amazing outfit, whether you’re the bride, the groom or an important member of the family. By choosing a specialist designer, you can dress in some of the most fantastic fabrics around.

Decoration – Pakistani wedding clothes are noted for their fine decoration and sparkling finish. When you order made-to-measure clothing, you can talk with your designer about exactly what sort of crystals, beads and sequins you want to use and where you want them, so that you really shine on your special day.

Fit – what counts most when you have clothes made especially for you is how they feel when you put them on. Made-to-measure clothing is designed to make you look outstanding from every angle, so not only will you look fabulous, you’ll also feel comfortable. That means you can enjoy all your celebrations without worrying about whether part of your clothing is too tight or too small.

Choose made-to-measure Pakistani wedding clothes so that your day is the very best it can be. Find clothing that’s made to your exact requirements and fits perfectly for the best start to your new life.

Summer Wedding Clothing – Endless Possibilities

He has popped the question and you said, “Yes!” Now, you are on a mission and are considering a beautiful summer wedding. Something to keep in mind while pondering such a thought is apparel for your wedding party. During the summer temperatures are most likely going to be warm if not sizzling hot for your special day and you want your friends to be as comfortable as possible. And it is possible to be stylish, cool, and comfortable for a wedding in the summer, you just have to do some looking around!

First things first, are you wanting casual or formal? Once you make this decision you can move forward. Casual summer attire is simple; you can stick to khakis and light-weight fabrics for the guys. If you are thinking super casual you can even go as far as shorts and polo shirts, paired with a great pair of loafers you have a great classy, summer look! For your bridesmaids you can do anything from sun dresses to above-the-knee formal dresses. Both have the ability to look elegant, fun and pretty. For a more formal look you can stick with the shorter formal dresses for the gals and add elegant jewelry like pearls and sleek heels instead of flats or sandals. A formal look for the groom’s men may include tuxedos without jackets or even chinos with a shirt and tie.

Another thing to think about when considering your summer wedding clothing is your wedding colors. If you are set on summer wedding it will have a hard time finding dark colors and no problem at all finding bright and light colors. Brides have a tendency to look only at the specialized wedding clothing shops which usually cater to formality. If you want more summery wedding clothing, do not overlook department stores and others clothing stores which you shop at on a regular basis! You will be surprised what you find!

The most important thing is to dress your wedding party how you want to! Just keep in mind all the possibilities when it comes to your search for summer wedding clothing!

Sherry loves summer weddings. She loves thinking about all of the things that make a summer wedding special form the clothing to the music for summer weddings.

Getting Great Deals on the Wedding Clothes

If you are planning to have a full wedding that includes bridesmaids, and groomsmen etc. it could run you a great deal of money to cover your gown as well as the other women and men’s clothing as well. Bridesmaid’s dresses get more and more costly with every extra woman in the wedding party. When you are deciding how much money you can afford to spend on the wedding clothes, you have to consider the fittings and the flowers or accessories as well.

If you can, you might do better to allow for casual wear for the bridesmaids so that they can wear less expensive dresses or skirts. This is particularly good if you are planning an outdoor or beach wedding. The less formal the ceremony, the less money that you are required to spend. Perhaps that is why outdoor ceremonies are getting more and more popular these days.

You can also save money on the ladies dresses by purchasing them off season from a bridal store. You can always shop for out of season or discontinued dresses as a means of getting great discounts on gorgeous dresses. If you really want to, you can ask that your bridesmaids forget about the wedding shower gifts in favor of buying their dresses. That is a common compromise that is made these days. If the cost of the dresses is really going to be a matter of stress for you, just reduce the bridesmaids to just having a maid/matron of honor and a best man only for the groom.

Many couples opt to forego the extras all together and simply do not have anyone standing up with them at all. After all, there is no law that states that you have to have a maid of honor or best man present during the ceremony. When it comes to the tuxedos for the male participants and the groom, you can often find good deals when renting if you just shop around. It helps is you limit the number of participants if you must in order to reduce costs or if the men involved have their own tuxedos already. Either way, research and comparison shopping really is the best chance.

You can also choose to rent the ladies gowns as well as the tuxedos. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that they will wear once. Or spend that much money on many dresses that you will never be worn more than once. Many bridal shops will let you rent a dress rather than buy one. The only difference with rented dresses is that you have to take it as is. They are not custom fitted to you. Other than that, you can save hundreds of dollars doing this.

Wearing your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress is also an option; especially if your are choosing a period theme where the dress was used. For example, if you are wearing your grandmother’s dress and the dress was worn in the 40’s, you can make the 40’s your wedding theme.
If the dress is your mother’s from the 60’s or 70’s, you can do the same thing. It will save you money and provides you with a fun theme. You can also opt to make your own dress from scratch. Many women are choosing to go with home made pieces because they can get truly original in the make of the dress and the style.

It can be made in any fashion that you like and of any material also. Making your own dress is a good way to save money and it is also guaranteed to make sure that no one else has the same style as you. When you make it yourself, you are guaranteed a custom fit without paying a custom price.

Finally, you can save bundles on your whole wedding party clothing, including the wedding dress by dressing according to your theme. For example, if you choose a Hawaiian theme, you can wear island clothes. As part of your theme, you can dress in costumes to make the festivities more fun and as an added bonus; you can make the guests and wedding party dress in costume too.

You can also get a good deal by buying your wedding items at vintage or used stores. Many people bring back their wedding clothing after they have used so that they can recoup some of their money later. This is a great way to save money for you and the rest of your wedding party. Used clothing items can also be found in bridal shops or tuxedo warehouses because the average person doesn’t wear these items more than once and because of this they will return it to the store that they got it from later.

When you are not afraid of vintage clothing, you can find some truly beautiful designer clothing for great prices. Some of the stores that offer used items will not force you to buy them, but they may request that you pay a bit of an extra fee for dry cleaning etc. Either way, you will still be saving yourself a great deal of money that you would spend if you bought your items outright.

Favorite Beach Wedding Clothes

If you have been invited to a wedding on the beach but you have never attended one before, you may be unclear about how to choose appropriate beach wedding clothes. Most weddings are formal, and if not, they are at least dressy. But this one will be on the beach!

Guys, should you wear a designer silk suit or tropical-print beach shorts? Do you comb your hair neatly or leave it wild and tangled in true surfer fashion? Ladies, should you wear those expensive Prada pumps you save for special occasions – or would a pair of flip-flops do just as well? Normally, a beach ceremony is a more casual affair than a traditional church wedding. Beach attire for a seaside wedding is typically less formal as well.

Some wedding guests are fortunate and receive invitations with hints about what they should wear. If your invitation didn’t give you a clue, send the bride and groom a quick email asking for their suggestions before you start planning your beach wedding clothes. They will probably suggest some type of upscale beach attire, but no matter what they recommend, they will appreciate your concern and the indication that you are planning to attend.

If after asking you are still bewildered, here are some guidelines to help:

Men’s Wedding Beach Clothing: Forget about wearing black beach wedding clothes. Black is usually reserved for the groom (although this rule isn’t quite as strictly followed as the rule that says white is reserved for brides). A white cotton shirt with a button-down collar is usually safe for a less formal ceremony when it is paired with dress slacks.

If wearing a suit would make you more comfortable, light-colored linen slacks with a matching jacket and a casual, striped shirt will provide some laid-back formality and can be the perfect blend of casual and dressy. If your tastes run to the adventuresome or “beachy,” select a pair of well-tailored linen, cotton or silk-blend shorts or pants with draw-strings, and pair them with a silk shirt in a tropical print.

Leather sandals are a good choice as footwear for the wedding, although you want to make sure they are open enough to let sand get out. You won’t have that problem with leather flip-flops, so they make a nice alternative. You can even go barefoot, depending on the formality of the ceremony and your other clothing. But be careful not to go overboard. You wouldn’t want to be barefoot while you are wearing a posh linen suit.

Women’s Beach Wedding Attire: You don’t want to upstage the bride with your beach wedding clothes, so whatever you decide to wear, don’t out-dress her. Formal weddings give you more freedom to wear dressy clothes, but if the ceremony is casual, your best choice is the type of beach attire you might wear to a fancy resort. Cotton or rayon lightweight skirts are perfect if the wedding beach is in the tropics. You will achieve a flawless look if you pair one of these skirts with a cotton or rayon island-style top in bright, primary colors. A well-tailored jersey dress is another ideal option.

As for length, a shorter dress or skirt will be best on the wedding beach. Try to avoid wearing a long dress and high heels, because these can make walking through deep sand almost impossible. Add some chic, subdued “bling” like a bracelet, necklace and earrings with an island or beach theme and you’re almost there.

To complete the look, wear sandals or dressy flip-flops with pretty painted toe-nails. If you would rather go barefoot, wear a toe ring, ankle bracelet or barefoot sandals. Foot jewelry works particularly well if it is crafted from coral, shells or other items that show off your beach wedding clothes.

How to Choose Indian Wedding Clothes

Western brides will traditionally wear white wedding clothes but the Indians normally wear Indian wedding clothes which are colored red. To Indians, white is a representation of mourning in some areas of the world. The red color for Indians is a sign of happiness and good luck.

Because the people in the country of India are divided in regions and religions, they have different beliefs and different Indian wedding clothes. Some of the common Indian wedding clothes are chameez, gaghra choli and the sari. The sari has been famous in the country of India and it is in fact one of the most common Indian wedding clothes.

You may have seen a sari because women wear it almost everyday in the streets. The gaghra is another type of Indian wedding clothing. It is described as the long skirt which comes with a short blouse and sometimes with a scarf too. The scarf is known as the dupatta which is draped around the chest of the bride.

The shalwar chameez also has a dupatta which is wrapped around the chest. But in this type of Indian wedding clothing, the dupatta can be worn over the head and also around the neck of the bride. Indian wedding clothes can sometimes have a mixture of intricate patterns and some extra designs.

You have noticed that weddings from other countries wear too much accessories and jewelries. This has been very common and sometimes considered a must-have but for Indians, Indian wedding clothes should be simple without too much decoration and a bride should not have too much beadwork or bracelets because to them, it does not look formal.

Indian wedding clothes are made of fabric which has the purpose of reflecting light. Some of the Indian wedding clothes are made of chiffon, silk and satin. These reflect light and give a good impact to the Indian wedding clothes.

If you are in India, you may wish to apply a different style in your wedding such as beach wedding, garden wedding or other types of wedding but your visitors especially the elders will always appreciate the traditional way. Personalizing your own wedding may be a good choice but you should first seek advice.

However, you can add simple accessories with the Indian wedding clothes. Your guests will definitely love traditional attires and following the red motif for Indian wedding clothes can be the best choice. For Indian wedding decorations, you do not need too many decorations at all.

Flowers can be the best choice and it can be easily found. If you have your wedding fixed on a certain date, you should start planning out which Indian wedding clothes that you want. Choose the perfect color or rather choose red. Look around for fresh flowers that you can buy.

You can buy in flower shops and ask for discounts. The flowers that you will choose will also depend on the color of Indian wedding clothes that you will choose. Just remember that your Indian wedding clothes should be simple because as what they have said, simplicity is beauty.

But if you want it personalized, you can ask a designer to make special Indian wedding clothing for you. Another thing, Indian wedding clothes don’t need to be expensive.